Programming Repeater Frequencies and Offsets into Your HT

Information you'll need for each repeater

-It's shift, split, or separation
-It's tone (CTCSS, PL, DCS), if it has one

programming Your HT radio

-Put the HT into "VFO Mode". In that mode, the HT can be tuned to any frequency, and isn't limited to programmed memory channels.

-Set the HT receive frequency (in VFO mode).
Example: 146.880

-Set the repeater shift (frequency in kHz, and direction (+/-)).
Example: (-) 136.5

-Set the tone, if needed.
Example: On

-Store "VFO Mode" settings in a HT memory slot.

-Assign a name to the memory slot.
Example: "W6HY" or "Crescent City"

programming Your Bao Feng UV-5R radio

- UV-5R manual
-UV-5R Programming Chart

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Pioneering U.S. Radio Activities (1897-1917)

Marconi's demonstration of a practical system for generating and receiving long-range radio signals sparked interest worldwide. It also resulted in numerous competing experimenters and companies throughout the industrialized world, including a number of important figures in the United States, led by Reginald Fessenden and Lee DeForest.

— United States Early Radio History
by Thomas H. White

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