We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month to work on projects. We meet at the Red Cross Building, 1672 Northcrest Drive at 7pm. Many of our projects are ongoing and new hams are encouraged to participate.

We help hams program their radios, build antennas, set-up FLDIGI on computers and more. If this sounds intereting, come join us and see what we've got going on!



Come learn to build antennas with us! We have a variety of ongoing antenna projects ranging from very easy to advanced. Previous antenna projects have included J-Poles, Super J-Poles, Dipoles and Tiger Tails. Have a particular antenna you want to build? Talk with Mike Poole (KE6ZYK) or Fred Wagner (AD6FC) and see if we can add it to Project Night.


NBEMS is an emergency communications system that allows you to use any computer with speakers and a microphone to send digital text messages. In a complex message it can be advantageous to type the message with details in advance and sent the entire message as a text file. This can be done all at once and eliminates the tedious and sometimes error prone process of reading the message and having another person write it down as they heard it to pass it on.


We're all looking forward to learning to use the new radio equipment in the Red Cross Radio Room. There's something for everyone: 2 meter radio, HF radio, linear amplifier and a tower full of antennas! If there's something in particular you'd like to learn, please talk with Christie Lynn (WA6ZDO) or Fred (AD6FC).


Learn to program and use your radio. Have a new radio and need help programming frequencies into it? We'll help you get on air.


  • February-March 2014 (tbd)Antenna Party at Fred Wagner's (AD6FC) house. If you'd like to participate, talk with Mike Poole (KE6ZYK).

  • March 26, 2014 Tsunami Safe: Know Your Zone Full-Scale Evacuation Drill 11:00-11:30AM.
    50th anniversary of the 1964 tsunami that destroyed Crescent City, Del Norte County will be doing a live code evacuation drill of all tsunami prone areas.
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  • March, 2014 Gasquet Net
    A new net has been added to Tuesday evenings on the Camp Six repeater 147.18 (+) 136.5 at 6:30pm. Join the Gasquet Amateurs and check-in!

Personal Communication by Wireless (1879-1922)

After Heinrich Hertz demonstrated the existence of radio waves, some were enchanted by the idea that this remarkable scientific advance could be used for personal, mobile communication. But it would take decades before the technology would catch up with the idea.

— United States Early Radio History
by Thomas H. White

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