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New radio station

The Del Norte Chapter of the Red Cross, Del Norte County, Crescent City, and private donors have participated in constructing a powerful new radio station. The donors have been very generous and the radio station is quite impressive. It will provide dependable communications far beyond city and county in time of need. Stop by the Red Cross building during a club event and check out the station.


The main radio in our new station is the all new Kenwood TS-2000 with 100 watts on HF, 6 meters and 2 meters, and 50 watts on 70cm.

General Features
•High performance true IF/stage DSP on main band. AF stage DSP on sub-band.
•Digital filtering (No more expensive options to buy)
•Satellite ready, with transverter frequency display.
•Wide band receive
•Dual receive, (HF & 2m or 70cm) (2m & 2m) (70cm & 70cm)
•Cross band repeat.
•100 watts output on HF, 6 and 2 meters. 50 watts output on 70cm, 10 watts output on 1.2 GHz (optional UT-20)
•Built-in a Auto Tuner HF through 6 meters
•Built-in RS-232 for computer control
•Built-in TCXO (.5PPM)
•CTCSS & DCS encode/decode
•Electronic memory keyer World
•5+1 Antenna ports. (2 for HF & 6m, 1 for 2m, 1 for 70cm, 1 for 1.2 GHz option & 1 for an HF receive antenna)


Amplifiers are important for times of poor radio conditions; times when the message has to get through. We've chosen the Alpha 8410 for it reputation of rugged dependability and long life.

General Features
•Twin 4CX1000A Tetrodes in parallel for a maximum plate dissipation of 2KW.
•Operates on all Amateur Radio Bands
•160M thru 10M
•Comfortably delivers Full Legal Limit on All bands and in All modes
•Uses our custom designed, time proven 3.5KVA transformer.
•No Duty Cycle Limitation – 100% Carrier, Key Down
•Rugged Construction – Built to Last

Built Rock Solid, from the Chassis Up
Built with an .080”, 5052 grade, iridite yellow chromate coated, aluminum chassis that resists both flex and corrosion. The chassis rigidly supports the front panel assembly and a center partition, forming a solid I-beam structure that just doesn’t move.

Now add the custom made, time proven, Transformer that weighs a massive 35 Lbs and is capable of delivering 3,500VA of power to the plate of the Alpha 8410 tubes. This is an amplifier we can depend on for heavy loads and extended duty.

Sixty Foot Rohn 45g tower

The 45G is a true multi-use structure that provides excellent strength for applications up to 300’, It is ofered with heavy steel round legs to satisfy a variety of needs under varied conditions.

General Features
•Completely hot-dip galvanized after fabrication
•Built on a 16 3/4” equilateral triangle design
•High strength tubular legs joined by Zig-Zag® cross members
•Each section contains all required nuts and bolts shipped with section
•Continuous solid round steel bracing

DNARC Officers

  • Fred Wagner - AD6FCAD6FCPresident

  • Joel Wallen - W6JKWVice President

  • Evelyn Armenta - KJ6YDGTreasurer

  • Jaime Yarbrough - KJ6JKL Secretary

Radio at Sea (1891-1922)

The first major use of radio was for navigation, where it greatly reduced the isolation of ships, saving thousands of lives, even though for the first couple of decades radio was generally limited to Morse code transmissions. In particular, the 1912 sinking of the Titanic highlighted the value of radio to ocean vessels.

— United States Early Radio History
by Thomas H. White

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