Club Roster

Evelyn Armenta KJ6YDG Technician No
Margaret Ballantine KK6FHI Technician No
Bruce Barber KJ6YDH Technician No
Mike Becker KJ6YDI General No
Craig Bradford KK6RBY General No
Kirk Brown KA6WYW General No
Paul Carlin KE6NVU General No
Virgil Cox W7VEC Extra W5YI
Cameron Eller
Gary Farhner KM6AFW Extra No
Butch Jark KG7LIK General No
Gideon Kohler KJ6ZBJ Extra No
Doug Mason K6DCM General W5YI
Jim Mierkey KK6RU Advanced No
Linda Miles KJ6YDP Technician No
Tom Miles KJ6YDQ Technician No
Mike Poole   KE6ZYK Extra W5YI
Christie Lynn Rust WA6ZDO Extra ARRL
Bill Santsche KM6AGI Technician No
Paul Senyszyn KJ6UOZ Technician No
Leonard Smith KA7VMW Extra No
Ken Sullens  KK6FHU  Technician  No 
Lynne Sullens  KK6FHV  Technician  No 
Chris Teague WB8YPO General No
Shawn Tilton KM6AGJ Technician No
Fred Wagner AD6FC Extra ARRL/W5YI
Joel Wallen W6JKW General ARRL
Jaime Yarbrough KJ6JKL General No

DNARC Officers

  • Fred Wagner - AD6FCAD6FCPresident

  • Joel Wallen - W6JKWVice President

  • Evelyn Armenta - KJ6YDGTreasurer

  • Jaime Yarbrough - KJ6JKL Secretary

Radio at Sea (1891-1922)

The first major use of radio was for navigation, where it greatly reduced the isolation of ships, saving thousands of lives, even though for the first couple of decades radio was generally limited to Morse code transmissions. In particular, the 1912 sinking of the Titanic highlighted the value of radio to ocean vessels.

— United States Early Radio History
by Thomas H. White

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